Lyme Adirondack Forest Company, New York

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Forestlands are at the heart of Lyme’s investment strategy and make up over 85% of its invested capital to date. Lyme also invests opportunistically in mitigation banks and other conservation assets.

240,000 acres of hardwood timberland in the Adirondacks, NY
67,000 acres of hardwood timberland in northwest Pennsylvania
112,000 acres of redwood timberland in Mendocino County, CA

Forestland Holdings

Lyme targets large working timberlands that present opportunities for attractive yield and total return. We work closely with conservation organizations to identify lands that will attract conservation funding. Lyme adds additional value through the use of advantageous financing and operational restructuring. Investment returns come from a combination of operating income derived from sustainable timber harvesting, recreational leasing and the sale of carbon-offset credits; and capital events including the sale of conservation interests and the final sale of the property.